Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holly & Christian

Last week was a whirlwind in preparation for my sister-in-law Holly's wedding. With my wife Heidi as the wedding coordinator every detail of the week was intricate and beautiful and the wedding itself at Port Gamble was incredible, eclectic, entertaining and even aquatic (see above). Holly and Christian enjoyed a very unique celebration. This I know for a fact since I've been to over 900 weddings. I've never witnessed a groom finishing making his own tie less than two hours before a wedding.

Two nights before, Heidi put on a rehearsal dinner for 30 people at our house. It's unbelievable to me what she is able to create for a party. Cocktail hour was on our back patio and dinner was in the breezeway outside my studio. The next day I ran off in the afternoon to the Camp Goodtimes carnival to get my hair done in a bright red mohawk and then lead an enormous whipped cream fight (I'm not making that up!). After 4 showers and another wonderful dinner some of the wedding musicians hung out with us in the breezeway and took turns making my guitar do things it had never done in it's life. Now whenever I walk by it, it just ignores me.

Heidi with her cocktail hour tableau.

The lemon drops were a hit.

Johnathon making my guitar hate me.

Holly's best friend Iman reflects for a moment (or checking out the dessert options).

The wedding day came and went so fast, so once again, thank God for photography. So many wonderful moments punctuated Holly and Christian's day and it truly was a family affair. Heidi doing the coordinating, me with my cameras, my son Miles helping out with the video, Heidi and Holly's sister Heather doing all the flowers, my daughter Alex was beautiful as a junior bridesmaid, our good friends were all the worker bees, Christian's entire family sang and performed music for the ceremony and reception, and Christian's dad provided the perfect touch as the officiant. We even had some champagne left was that possible?

I'll let some pictures tell the story.

Congratulations Holly and Christian! The canoe graffiti artist was correct. It's obvious by everything that happened on your wedding day that this is "4 EVA" (and to top it off you float each others' boat).

P.S. If you don't hurry back to our house your extra wedding champagne might not be here any more. :)