Friday, May 29, 2009

Twilight Signature

This is the first time I've used my iPhone as a "light pen"!

Alex can fly!

An invite from some close friends, a cool rope swing, and amazing energy that only a child can provide equaled some very fun photographs.

I only got kicked in the face a few times but it was totally worth it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Karen Boren, Principia, Illinois 1980

Allison's portraits

A fabulous cousin model, a couple of great assistants and my concrete front steps made for some fun photographs!

Circle of Care

I thought I'd share a few images that I took a few weeks ago at a conference attended by 600 people from across the country whose philanthropy greatly supports their local Children's Hospitals. I've photographed the conference since 2001 which has taken me all across the country. This year the travel was only across Puget Sound! The conference was held locally in Seattle again and featured a luncheon keynote speech by Tom Brokaw and an evening Gala performance Natalie Cole. The opening act was the Pike Place Market fish thrower dudes! Everyone was so much fun to work with. For me personally it is great to see so many of the same folks year after year. I am so impressed by their kindness and willingness to help children. Next year it's on to Atlanta!

Elton wore cool glasses in Boston

Hi Pineapple!

Ok, you asked for it. I'll post some more randomness here today!

Let's start with a photo of you....

Monday, May 4, 2009

A great afternoon with Kaelen

Kaelen's been through a lot already in his life. Now 17 years old, he's getting ready to embark upon the next stage of his life after high school. Not only is he smart, gregarious, polite, goofy, compassionate and an amazing athlete, he's also a cancer survivor.

I met Kaelen almost 10 years ago at Camp Goodtimes when he was in the middle of his fight against leukemia. He was a kid who was always ready to speak up and express himself as well as lend a hand to anyone else who needed it. I have been so proud of him over the years and that overflowed yesterday when I had the great chance to take some portraits and hang out with him and his parents, Wally and Tina. What a great afternoon and evening it was.

You should have seen the dance Kaelen was doing prior to and after descending into the icing waters of Hood Canal for a photo opp!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More random Krista portraits

Krista's Portraits!

I had the great pleasure yesterday of spending about 5 hours with Kritsa and her family to capture some fun senior portraits (not to mention eating killer burgers on the shores of Liberty Bay!). Hope you like these...more to come!

First there is a photograph of Krista as an alien;

But here's the real picture...

Photographer's note: When taking 'reflection' photos of a human, make sure that the reflection doesn't make them look like they belong in 'Whoville'. This one went to the 'outtake' file!