Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The "Hair Flip Thing"

That's what I've referred to this photo-opp as since the early days of when I taught photography at the Campfire Boys & Girls camp, Camp Sealth, on Vashon Island in the early 90's. In subsequent years, when the moment and light were right, and when my subjects had no idea how cold the water was, there have been so many memorable photo shoots.

It's not always hair flipping. I just love water, sunsets, reflections, frozen models, sand and shells and have photographed all kinds of folks at the beach or adjacent to it neck deep in the water (families, water polo player, collegiate swimmer, wakeboarders, random willing people etc.). Here's just a few shots from a senior portrait shoot last week.

Becca was relatively petrified to get into the water after watching her cousin Michaela freeze to death. After I showed her this photo though, she was glad she decided to go for it!
I first met Michaela when she was 8 months old, just a few years after I photographed her wonderful parents' wedding.

Happy Birthday Bob!

Today is Charles "Bob" Hirsch's birthday and this photograph is from a great day at Camp Goodtimes during the summer of 2003.
Clockwise from back left: Bob, Kitty, Ichiban (Bob's brother), Barley, Blondie, Daffy and Spring
I'm thinking of Bob today and remember his gentle spirit and engaging smile. We used to play basketball together a lot at camp and he always had this great smirk on his face. He especially enjoyed making me run after the basketball when it went out of bounds and rocketed down the adjacent hill all the way to the beach (the dumbest location for a b-ball court in history). I only once said, "Why don't you go get it lazybones?" Then he jokingly plaid the Cancer card and of course, what can you say to that? Nothing. At least I got a lot of exercise going up and down that hill.
Bob's life today is being remembered and celebrated again as it is every year by devoted friend Barley. Barley, also known as Manny Chao, founder of the Georgetown Brewing Company and inspiration for and maker of my favorite beer- Manny's, is throwing a party again tonight in Bob's honor at the Nickerson Street Saloon in Fremont, where Bob's family, friends, and fans will sip on the special release of "Bob's Brown Ale". I think Bob would be proud. Especially since the proceeds of the event go to the Ronald McDonald House. Manny and the Georgetown Brewing Company have shown incredible support for RonDon for almost a decade now. Please check out Georgetown Brewery's website for more info.

I've been sucking lately at this Blog!

Yes I have.

So much to say and share and so little time to do it.

HOWEVER...today I'll try to make up for it (if only for a few minutes). There's a number of things that have been buzzing through my mind lately so I share them one post at a time. Let's see now....where are those photos?