Thursday, March 5, 2009


I posted this today on my friend Stephanie's Facebook page and then realized it would be great to include it here. It shows the impact the Camp Goodtimes experience can have on the adults that are there, in addition to the children. I also wanted to post this because it breaks my string of a week and half with nothing to say here! :)

Stephanie was a little shy at first but fit in immediately and by the end of the week had experienced so many things that I know she will remember forever. The amazing children, the Ninjas!, the carnival, the cruise, new friendships, and endless skit nights and slideshows (not to mention camp food of questionable origin!). She was also able to experience Memory Circle to honor our mutual friend Gloria and the others like her whose lives were cut short by cancer. It was a week long celebration of life and compassion building experience.

Will "Neon" be back next year?

No doubt about it.


  1. Uh, Neon wouldn't miss it for the world! Camp is my new favorite part of the summer. (Along with the 3-Day!)

  2. I love the transformation. Camp is magical. Looking forward to supporting it with all of you at the benefit!