Monday, June 8, 2009

Miles is cool

Today I went up to Kingston Middle School to pick up Miles as well as to pick up the fish that we are adopting from his science teacher. It struck me while we were walking to his classroom that this segment of his life is coming to an end. He'll finish middle school in just over a week and then it's on to high school in the fall. Two years have zoomed by and now here he is just about ready to leave the place where he has excelled in the last two years; straight A's, first chair clarinet in the band, drum major....yes, drum major for the marching band. He just got back from a Disneyland trip with the entire band. What great experiences he has already had and so many more to come. He's poised, artistic, talented, and at times, a complete pain in the neck! I think he got that from my side of the family.

Hard to believe this is the little man that we brought home on Christmas Day in 1994! Where does the time go? Hmm...where DOES the time go?? Well, in my opinion, it goes beautifully from experiences in the here and now, to memories that inspire wisdom, knowledge, happiness or any assortment of other emotions and when bundled all together form a foundation for our lives. We keep building it, and hopefully it gets stronger and more encompassing as we age. As it strengthens and grows it continues to anchor more moments and experiences and provides the lens through which we can reflect upon how beautiful this gift of life is.

Just a random thought while following Miles into his class.

Oh crap! I forgot the fish food!

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  1. Miles is way cool. He'll have a great time up at NK.
    You & Heidi are wonderful parents, and it's beautiful that you stop and pay attention to these important moments.
    Alex is super cool, too, btw.