Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a random photo

I had the pleasure of photographing Peter and Julia's wedding on Saturday in Woodinville. More photos to come but I thought I'd share this one, taken seconds before guests were to be seated in the church. I've been photographing Julia and her family since she was about 9 years old so her wedding day was very special for me. Watching people grow up, and capturing great moments along the way, is such a great joy. I can't imagine not knowing how to work a camera! Life zooms by and trying to chase down a moment at times can seem like one of those sad/hilarious cat videos where the little kitty is trying to step on the light beam from a flashlight! But during this wild ride, photography is my way of catching that light and then sharing that moment with others.

A camera is a much better tool for doing that than a paw! (poor kitties)

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