Friday, November 20, 2009

At least there's HOPE

I'm optimistic. Always have been. Even when there doesn't seem to be much hope, I'll hold out because I know how strong hope can be.

Right now, barring some miraculous bending of the space/time continuum, my friend Codi's cancer will continue to spread. Her treatment has been stopped and so we're left with hope...and with love. What else can you do? Hope and love can come from anywhere and everywhere and carry a power stronger than any cancer. Cancer can destroy a body, but hope and love carry the soul and grow stronger and stronger with time.

Codi is only 20 years old but she has touched countless lives already. Her compassion is unyielding, her sparkle undeniable and when she looks you in the eye, she connects. Anyone that has ever had the good fortune to meet her will remember and comment on her eyes. They're filled with hope, and love is what overflows. I'm not just saying this now for words of comfort. I've told it to her personally more than once. She has always had this warming, calming presence where you just feel at home when you are with her. Knowing her family, it's easy to see where she learned that from.

Codi will now have to rely heavily on her family and friends to surround her with love...and with hope. If you wouldn't mind sending along some of your own, I know it would be put to good use. :)


  1. Such a beautiful girl. Those clear, direct eyes, and that smile...what depth and beauty. Sending prayers and love for Codi and her family.

  2. Codi and her family are in my thoughts and prayers, sending nothing but loads of love and light.