Friday, February 19, 2010

Christa & Michael

I enjoyed a nice afternoon in the studio recently with Christa and Michael to take some engagement portraits. I'm really looking forward to photographing their wedding this August. About 5 few years ago I had taken Christa's senior portraits including this very cool one in a very cool Crystal Lake.

Connecting the dots with people through time is one of my favorite things. To watch as they grow and change and enter new stages of their lives, AND to be there with a camera to document it is one of the core reasons that I do what I do. The bottom line is that I'm sentimental. Life zooms by so you have to jump out and tackle it from time to time; wrestle it, capture it, remember it, and then let it go so it can continue on to do its inevitable thing.

Christa and Michael's summer wedding will be here before you know it. They're enjoying their pre-wedding time at the moment by vacationing in Europe. I offered to go with them for some "location engagement portraits" but they didn't take me up on it unfortunately.

Congratulations in advance to a wonderful (and very photogenic) couple!

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