Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just one floor down from Caity is 10 year old Henry who attended camp in June of this year. I've been lucky enough to see him and his mom quite a few times recently. He is the same age as my daughter Alex who he always seems to ask about.

Henry is struggling right now and I just wanted to post a few photos of him so you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He creates smiles, laughter and a little havoc every where he goes and those are qualities that I truly admire in him.

Henry was excited to see Alex when we visited a few days ago. Alex delivered a panda doll that my son Miles picked out on his recent trip to China. Our visit was relatively short but it was fun to hear Henry crack up when I tried to pronounce Alex's full name backwards, Ardnaxela, which sounded like some new dietary supplement of some kind.

He is a tough little guy and is putting up with so much right now. Yesterday I heard him say, "This is the worst day ever" which just broke my heart. I wish there was a magic wand I could wave to make his pain go away so in the meantime I'm still looking for a few spare billion dollars to go towards cancer research...


  1. Thank you for sharing this...

  2. We ALL join you in that wish! WISH*PRAY*HOPE*LOVE*AWARENESS*FUNDS = a cure! Meanwhile, visits, laughter and love are good medicine.