Sunday, October 23, 2011

Counting our blessings

At 2am yesterday morning Alex called from her friends house saying that she had gotten sick. Heidi and I quickly got ourselves out of bed and hopped in the car to go pick her up. It was definitely a two person job for reasons that I will spare you. :) We got her home and comfortably into her own bed and proceeded to wake up hourly to see to her needs. All day yesterday she was feeling absolutely terrible. It was the first time she had been this sick since she was about 2 years old.

Seeing her laying on the couch yesterday I instantly thought of the parents that I have known over the years that have had to struggle with chronic devastating health issues with their children. Even in just one day I felt helpless to comfort Alex. She couldn't get comfortable, was in constant pain and we could do little to ease that suffering. But today...a new girl. The sickness worked its way through her body and luckily she has bounced back remarkebly. She already batted her eye lashes at me enough to get me to order her a new case for her iPod Touch and who knows what she'll have up her sleeve next. We had to run back to her friends house to pick up some of her stuff but before we did we paused for a couple of minutes to take these photos. It's hard to believe that this is the same girl who was so completely miserable yesterday.

I am very thankful that she is feeling so much better now and by looking at the photographs, yesterday's sickness seems like forever ago. Every day of good health is a true blessing and is something to be enjoyed, celebrated and memorized, NOT taken for granted.

My heart goes out more than ever to families where good health is not a reality but instead something that they are simply hoping and praying for.

Feelin' stronger today!!


  1. So glad that your beautiful girl is all better! She is such a great model, too. You are right to cherish every good moment - I know that you have seen more than enough to know that.

    I was just telling Maribeth last week how many years you've walked with kids and families who face life-threatening or life-limiting illness, always with your natural demeanor and no pity, no drama, no angst - just joy in each moment. That is a true gift that you bring to the world, and your precious wife and kids share it, too. We sure appreciate that quality in our friends, and we love you & your family.

  2. What GREAT photos!!! I need some prints of those!