Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pineapple's big night!

Saturday night was a triumphant night I must say for my dear friend Leslie "Pineapple" Krom. On that evening she had a "stare down" with cancer and she won convincingly. Cancer didn't even have a chance. Pineapple stood up strong and proud and made an indelible impact on all of the guests in attendance. She also had time to kick off her heels, on the dance floor as well as during her speech!

Here is her speech in its entirety;

Pineapple speaks!

$47,000 was raised for Camp Goodtimes immediately after Pineapple's speech...unbelievable.

It was a very special and memorable night and Pineapple certainly was glowing. And in that regard, here is some photographic evidence.

Thank you Pineapple for being so willing to share your very personal story.

Pineapple with her #1 supporter...mother Lynn.

And with her favorite photographer!

Heidi, Anna, Leslie, Lynn and Karen

Anna "Jiffy" Davies flew all the way out from NY for Pineapple's big night!

Pineapple with some of her Camp Goodtimes family.

The Museum of Flight is a pretty spectacular venue.

Pineapple speaks

The long standing ovation

Time to dance with Pigtails and Star

Pineapple and Star
You know it's a great night when even the band wants to party with you!

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