Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Katie would have been proud!

I thought I would share some of the photographs that I used at the Wine Auction in a slideshow while Karen was giving her wonderful remarks. In this case, pictures were worth a thousand words, but Karen's words were definitely worth a thousand pictures!

To read Karen's remarks from that night, please visit her blog;


  1. I remember you sharing Katie's story at camp, and I couldn't help but tear up and the beauty of her and her family and what they had to go through. I wish that I could have been at the auction to meet Karen and tell her how beautiful her daughter is, and that I wish that I had gotten the opportunity to meet Katie (because everyone raved about how sweet she was!).

  2. Thank you for posting these! I haven't seen some of them since you took them, way back when (we have some, but not all, of them)! She was such a pistol...that look on Gregg's face in the shot of just the two of them says it all.

  3. I thought you might be surprised at the early ones. I love them. I also love Katie's purple fingernails!