Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great times with Henry

Just thinking about Henry today. Remembering some great times and being thankful for the joy that he brought into people's live wherever he went.



  1. What a touching photo montage.

  2. I'm a mother at Henry's former elementary school (JSIS) and just became aware of his passing in a bulletin issued by the school last week. As the Mom of 3 boys, I was immediately touched by the news and am so grateful to you for posting photos. Henry was clearly a wonderful kid, full of life and he and his mother were truly blessed to have you capture his essence so beautifully.

  3. I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to know Henry through his school. Henry appreciated, contemplated, and celebrated life the way only a one in a million 10 year old could. I miss him so much and I only started getting to know him last June. He definitely left a huge mark on the world that will be felt and reflected upon for years to come. :)