Friday, March 11, 2011

Caity continues to amaze!!

Caity a few weeks ago...

Caity last night...

Caity raised well over $3,000 to benefit pediatric cancer research last night by shaving her head! The St. Baldrick's fundraiser was held at Fado's Pub in downtown Seattle. Not only did she raised money but she also donated her hair to "Locks of Love".

I really am having a hard time grasping how incredible Caity's journey has been. To consider all that she's gone through, the uncertain road ahead, AND the fact that she just turned 14 which of course ushers in all sorts chaos into a kid's life, her decision to help others in this way is remarkable. Cancer dealt her such a tough hand in life but she has elected to fight back in every way that she possible can.

What occupied your thought process when you were 14? Probably the typical drama that has been going on ever since that incredibly awkward vehicle called "junior high" was invented. Caity is going through all of the same things but in addition, as her mom Misti refers to it, she is still dealing with "The Monster". Her monster is not a make believe one that hides under the bed either. Her monster is one that the best minds in the world are joining together to try to eliminate. In the meantime, Caity and her doctors are doing their best to keep it at bay and under control and for now, it's working.

What's also so touching to witness is how kids who are struggling with cancer connect with each other. Last night Caity bumped into a few other kids that are on the same wacky roller coaster that she is. They connected instantly like magnets that belonged together. Their bond is like something that only those who have walked the walk can really understand. The comfort they give each other is absolutely beautiful. Earlier in the day I visited one of Caity's good friends at Children's. When I told Caity that her friend wanted me to congratulate her on her accomplishment Caity just beamed.

Amidst the turmoil of Caity's day to day life, she still manages to generate that great smile which proves that she first and foremost wants to enjoy life to the fullest. I told her once last night that I wanted to take just one shot of her not smiling from ear to ear. She said enthusiastically, "I can't NOT smile!" (wouldn't that be a great bumper sticker for everyone's life?!) I did manage to capture just a fleeting reflective moment though in which I felt like she was looking to the future, with hope.


  1. What a GORGEOUS young lady! I have seen your photos of her with her thick hair, and yet, she looks so incredibly pretty without it! Someone else is going to be blessed by her donation to locks of love, while Caity herself rocks the European supermodel look.
    Caity, you're a hero in my eyes. God bless you!

  2. I first met Caitlyn before her diagnosis... as her teacher when she was 7 years old, I always saw a flame in her eyes... she was a fighter then... I think she was born with that inate characteristic for a reason, a necessity, one that will allow her to win this battle. Her hair had nothing to do with her true beauty, her shaved head allows the best of her to shine through without distraction. Caitlyn, you inspire me and have been, without you knowing, to take risks in my life that I never thought I would. Thank you.
    Love, Mrs. Davis

  3. What wonderful sentiments Karen and Mrs. D! I think Caity could indeed rock the European supermodel market and it is a blessing that her beautiful long hair will help someone in need. And as Mrs. D says, she will continue to inspire people from all different walks of life. :)