Thursday, May 12, 2011

There's just something classic about Black & White

I just felt inspired today to share some thoroughly random photographs. A black & white image has a depth and texture to it that encourages a closer look and a longer pause. Since life is in color, black & white makes me reflect just a little bit longer on a moment and notice things a bit differently. In any photograph of course time stands still, but in black & white, that stillness echos in a way that can be so beautiful.
Anna, 1992

Ashley with dad, last summer

Party bus, August 2010

Christa & Michael

The Avila's

Peter & Julia in 2009, expecting their first child any day now.


Jordan & Lisa

Kelsie & Lauren waiting out a wind gust

Nate in studio

Keslie in the garden

Keslie and Lauren on my roof!

The Tobey siblings, I've known them all for over 25 years

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