Friday, May 27, 2011

Proud father!

Poulsbo's Viking Fest Parade 2011 was a blast. It's so cool to live in a small community where such a tradition as Viking Fest is nurtured and celebrated. My daughter Alex is a part of group at her school known as the B.R.A.T.S (Breidablik's Rising Athletically Talented Students). They do such an interesting array of activities that include ball walking, juggling, jump roping, unicycling and in Alex's case riding the dreaded 6 foot tall "Triple Stack". Watching her do this through the Viking Fest parade with thousands of onlookers was awesome. I was very proud. Mostly, I was amazed at her ability to ride the darn thing, especially amidst such a distracting atmosphere (and a bumpy road!).

Hours earlier I decided to buy a little GoPro Hero, which is an HD video camera that can be mounted almost anywhere. I mounted it to the top of Alex's helmet and her video from the parade is pretty spectacular. I edited it down to a 5 minute clip here. The local paper, The North Kitsap Herald, also did a story on Alex that you can check out here. We've had a lot of fun with that little video camera already including taking it along on multiple barf-inducing rides at the Viking Fest Carnival.

Time goes by so quickly. Seems like yesterday that Alex was 'graduating' from Kindergarten and singing a song about Panda Bears with her classmates that made every single one of the parents burst into tears. Meanwhile, Miles was finishing 5th grade. Now Miles is heading off to college to take high school AND college classes over the next few years. These milestones seem to get closer and closer together.  Next is Alex's 5th grade graduation in a few weeks.

Heading to Costco for the Kleenex.

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  1. that is incredible! Great Blog Paul! Tom Smith (Rita Dansdill nephew)