Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A boat ride to remember

Tony blew me away yesterday. We had made arrangements for him to bring his girlfriend, Desirée, and some other friends on a harbor tour at Argosy Cruises on the Seattle waterfront. I had wanted to see him ever since he told me months ago about his recent cancer relapse and subsequent terminal diagnosis. I was anxious to hear how he was doing and how many more items he has been able, through amazing kindness, to cross off his bucket list. His big item, meeting Katy Perry, is still on the list but progress is being made. His video to her has already collected close to 60,000 hits on YouTube so I'm hoping that he will be able to meet her sometime soon. 

In making arrangements for the boat ride he shared with me that he was planning on asking Desirée to marry him during the tour! When that shocker finally sunk in I was just hoping that everything would go just as he wanted it too. Tony is truly deserving of some good news nowadays.

I waited for him on the pier with tickets in hand as it was getting closer and closer to the boat's departure time at 1:30. Because of traffic and parking they actually missed the boat. Luckily (and perfectly) Argosy added another tour at 1:45 and Tony, Desirée and four wonderful friends all jumped on the Lady Mary for a one hour tour.

The rest was absolutely classic.

Yesterday wasn't about a prognosis or the unknown for Tony. It wasn't about the chaos of his cancer journey at all. And it wasn't just about him...it was about them. It was about two young people deeply in love who both said yes to love. The future might be unknown but what Tony and Desirée do know is the most important thing. They know how much they love each and they are looking forward to tomorrow with hope and excitement. How incredible is that?

Congratulations to Tony and Desirée!


  1. I saw his picture and was immediately smiling as I remembered him in Cabin 1 at camp. Great guy!
    But oh, I am shocked and saddened to hear about Tony's relapse :-(

    I'm very happy that you were able to help give him a trip they will never forget and congratulations to them both.

    Petal xx

  2. Congratulations indeed - what a perfect place for an engagement!

  3. Congrats Tony and Desiree'! I remember you very well, and am so happy for you and the love of your life. Keep up that million dollar smile. Much love to both of you. Cheers! Your Buddy, Pineapple

  4. OMG that was so beautiful. He is an amazing young man. Those 2 young people really have it together. Together they are so strong and positive that they make me want to have the same positive attitude that they have. Tony & Des, you are awesome!

  5. Oh, we have a lovely couple here! So, it’s really good to propose while you’re on board, huh? I know a lot of people who also proposed like this. The atmosphere is great, and beside you are the closest people in your life. That’s just perfect! Cheers to Tony and Desiree’s love, life, and happiness! :)

    Lilia Dyal