Saturday, July 7, 2012


A friend of mine from Camp Goodtimes, Tony Harrison, is in the battle of his life right now. He has just been given a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Tony is only 20 years old and has been fighting the monster for 4 years now. His recent bone marrow transplant was his last chance at getting his life back. Tragically, his cancer has now returned. Listen in his own words as he reaches out to his family and friends and then continues to express his Bucket List, which is very modest. His only extraordinary wish is to meet Katy Perry. Tony is a very talented musician himself and has always looked up to Katy Perry. Does anyone out there have any connections for this big wish or even the little ones?

Please pass this around and perhaps you can help make Tony's dreams come true. He has always been such a genuine young man and has shown so much compassion towards others. He now is deserving of some of that compassion returning back to him.

Tony breaking the news of his diagnosis;

Tony's Bucket List;

Tony reaching out to Katy Perry;

Tony at Camp Goodtimes in 2009.


  1. Paul, I'm so sorry to hear this. Though I don't know Tony, as he is a part of the Camp Goodtimes family, we are connected. I'm sending prayers for Tony and his family; may they be blessed with a miracle of healing, and if that is not possible, then may the every-day miracles of LOVE be present and active in and around them, every step of the way.

  2. I'll pass this on to our good friend, Tom Rollerson at the Dream Foundation, who helped Jenni achieve her dream. If someone from Tony's family or a friend could fill out a dream request (check out, maybe his dream can come true. I'll be praying for Tony and his family.