Friday, January 23, 2009

Look what can happen in 14 years

Miles and his cousin Gabey have been buddies since the get go, born one month apart in 1994. The top photo was taken in the summer of '95 and the below photo on Inauguration day this week.

I love getting older. I wouldn't mind of course if my knees worked better but what's there to complain about? I've been blessed with an amazing family and extended family, wonderful friends and classic moments too many to count. How depressing it would be to NOT have the thousands of photos that have documented my journey through life. To me, life is a complex series of connected moments and it's through capturing those moments with any tool that you have at your disposal whether be a camera, video camera, a pencil and paper, or just your mind or imagination that you can reflect on and learn from your experience. Some moments might be regrettable or forgettable but others become moments to hold dear forever, to revisit, to gain strength from, or just to reinforce your love of life.

To photograph Miles and Gabey in the studio the other day was to put my brain on sentimental rewind and then an uber-fast forward to the present. They both have grown to be such interesting and interested young people with their whole lives ahead of them and countless future classic moments to enjoy and share with so many other lucky people.

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