Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wisdom of a Child

Claudine lived in the Cook Islands on a small island inhabited by only about 50 people. I was taking photographs for an adventure cruise ship company a few years back and came across this young girl who saved my life. Yes, saved my life. Well, not literally. She didn't pull me out of a burning hut or punch a Great White Shark in the nose. She just gave me some very good advice that I will never forget. Advice that if ignored could have had dire consequences not to mention ended a great day in the South Pacific. I was relaxing on the beach under the shade of a beautiful palm tree when Claudine came skipping up to me. Luckily, she spoke English and said, "Those coconuts up there might fall on should sit under that tree over there instead." The wisdom and advice of a four-year old were taken into account and I switched trees and shared a coconut with her.

Simple advice, but I had just never thought of it before. It's kind of like the old, "Look both ways before crossing the street"'s just something that you never forget.

Thanks Claudine, the coconut was delicious!

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