Thursday, February 12, 2009


Remember when you were a kid and you had friends for friends-sake? You hung out with people without expectations? Instead, you found people along the way who were just fun to be around? Well I think of those times when I think of Miles and his friend Courtney. Courtney is a former cancer patient and camper at Camp Goodtimes who I met when she was about 9. She first met Miles when he was 6 and would see him three times a year; at camp when he was running around with me (or helping out at the cotton candy machine), on the Christmas cruise, and at the spring reunion party. At every event Courtney would walk up to me and say, "Hey Mooselips, where's Monkey Boy?" (As I've said before, you're going to have to get used to the camp names!). Then she'd find him and they'd hang out and talk for a while.

Last fall, Courtney made an epic journey from her house in Issaquah to come over for a visit in Poulsbo. She traveled by cab, bus, ferry, bus, car, bus, ferry, bus, and cab that day and in that order. To commemorate such a Herculean effort I thought I would share this photograph that I took that day.

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  1. HOORAY for survivorship!
    Hey, I saw your lovely bride last night at the new Burrata Bistro (it's our next-door neighbors' place). Isn't that fun? WOW...the food there is awesome.