Saturday, February 7, 2009


Friday night Gloria Strauss' family was celebrating her life in a "Night of Inspiration". I couldn't attend but wanted to let them know that Gloria will never be forgotten. Gloria passed away in the fall of 2007 but continues to inspire so many people. At times, I really can't believe that she is gone. She is just so very real to me. We had so much fun together at camp, at her home with her family and cruising around on Puget Sound.

This was my tribute video to Glow that was played at her memorial service. If you ever saw her light up a room, a stage, a dance floor, or a smile on the face of anyone she met you were one of the lucky ones!


  1. Tears are streaming down my face, Moose. You have always done such an amazing job of capturing the true spirit of our Glow girl. Thank you so much for loving their family, and for sharing your gift with the world. I am so blessed and honored to know you.

  2. WOW. Though I never met her, I feel as if I have now. Thanks for making this for her family and for posting it here. It's a treasure for them, I'm sure. I KNOW what a treasure Katie's is for us. You have a great gift. God bless you!

  3. You're welcome and you're very kind Neon. I love the Strauss'. There is so very much love (and chaos!) in their house. Gloria was surrounded by love every moment of her life. She had this amazing ability, magical really, of reflecting that love out to the world. I just felt that I HAD to try to capture some of that magic in photographs. The world deserved to get to know her better and there just wasn't much time. I will always cherish the time spent with her, even those last days in the hospital.

    I miss her. My family misses her. Really though, she'll never be very far away. I will always celebrate her memory.

  4. Thank you so much Karen. That's the amazing thing about a photograph or a's a window into time. Sometimes unfortunately and tragically that time may be fleeting. But IN that moment, amazing things can happen, incredible beauty can be experienced, or expressed, and some many peoples lives can be effected, really, forever. I can't even IMAGINE not having been there for Andrea & Mike's wedding. To witness the poise, grace, beauty, and awesome SASSINESS of Katie that day was truly incredible and indelible. The photo of you both together...and knowing that two weeks later to the day she was gone...that moment was captured in only a 60th of a second but it will last so much longer. I am so happy to know that it has been a comfort to you and that there's such a beautiful piece of tangible evidence of the love between an amazing mom and a one in a million daughter!