Monday, February 9, 2009

Katie & Gloria

Though they never officially met, Katie and Gloria's journeys overlapped on the Argosy donated cruise for Camp Goodtimes in June 2007. Katie was at Camp all week having the time of her life. Her cancer returned just 3 weeks later. Gloria was too sick to go to camp but was able to come out for the boat ride. For that day, all that was important was having fun, hanging out with friends and just enjoying being a kid.

I wanted to share these two photographs because I mentioned each in comments to my GLOW post.

Two amazing 12 year olds with two equally amazing loving families.


  1. Both Katie and Gloria were two beautiful young women. Thank you so much for continuing their legacies!

  2. Thank you for honoring Katie's and Gloria's memories so beautifully. That photo will always comfort me. I wish they could have connected, but maybe somehow, they have by now. God bless you & your family!